The Watermark Course Evaluations & Surveys (Formerly EvaluationKit) integration with Canvas allows students to complete their end-of-semester course evaluations, providing an easy, alternative method to find and access them from a new "Course Evaluations" link in their Account menu inside Canvas. Instructors can utilize the Course Evaluations & Surveys integration with Canvas the same way and can use it to access their evaluation reports, add custom questions (if available), monitor response rates for their course evaluations, and review the evaluation dates for their courses.

Course Evaluations & Surveys is managed by UNM’s Course Feedback Support Team. For more information, see UNM's Course Feedback website. For assistance related to course evaluations, please email coursefeedback@unm.edu or submit a help request by calling (505) 277-5757 or going to https://help.unm.edu/.