Zoom Meetings

What is a Zoom meeting? 
Some courses may require live online collaboration. This can be especially true for things like remote lectures, class discussions and office hours. Sometimes instructors may count these live sessions towards your course participation grades, so be sure to read the syllabus carefully.

zoom-logo.png Zoom can facilitate synchronous online meetings for real-time, interactive classes and office hours. If your instructor plans on using it, you will probably see a "Zoom Meetings" link in the left-hand navigation menu. Check there for a list of scheduled sessions.

If you want to prepare in advance:

  • Go to the UNM Zoom Participant Guide and follow the directions to download the app and sign in. Note: you do NOT need a licensed account, just a basic one.

  • Prior to joining each Zoom session check your computer audio/ video:
                Zoom - Check Audio | Check Video

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