This page is designed to provide Instructors with a curated list of useful resources to better manage their courses. See the Canvas Instructor Guide for a comprehensive list of documentation guides and videos

Access Canvas at canvas.unm.edu. Log in with your UNM email address and password. For help with logging in, see How to Log In to Canvas 

UNM Canvas Terms of Use

Some Essential Canvas Guides

Why can't I, as an instructor, see my course in Canvas?

Unless your course is scheduled as fully online or hybrid, you will need to web-enhance the course for it to be in Canvas. See How to Web-Enhance Your Course for more information.

Why can't students see my course?

1) Has the course started yet? Banner courses in Canvas will only be accessible to students on the first day of class. Also, if you were working in a "Temp course", make sure you have copied that content into a Banner course. Students will not see Temp courses.

2) Has the course been published? Students can only access a published course.

If you are still having issues, please view our Why Can't Students See My Course? page.

Functions within Canvas

Resources to Share with Students

Canvas Course Template

Want to make your course design easier? Check out the UNM CTL Course Template! This resource course shell includes a variety of ready-to-use course components for you to choose from, including an orientation module, example home pages and content module, and several powerful supplemental resources—all of which leverage effective pedagogy and accessibility principles.

Warning: If you upload this into a Banner course, do not accept any Updates from the template in Commons if you customized the front page or any other elements within the template or your updates will be overwritten in those items.


Helpful Instructor Resources

UNM Canvas Support

Contact support for questions on how to use Canvas or its integrated apps. 24/7 support if contacting by phone.

Canvas Trainings

New to Canvas? Training is available through the Canvas Training Portal and workshops provided by UNM CTL.

External Apps

Interested in using a third-party integration or External App? See what’s available so far in Canvas.

Canvas Video Tutorials

Useful visual guides for using the different components of Canvas.

Canvas Instructor Guides

A comprehensive list of many Instructor Guides for Canvas.

System Status & Alerts

Are you running into an issue with Canvas? Please check out this page to see the system status.

What's New in Canvas

Please check out this page for updates and News about UNM Canvas.

Faculty FAQs

UNM is in the planning and implementation stage with Instructure. Additional information will be posted to this site as the project progresses. All courses will be in Canvas starting with the Summer 2022 term.

Canvas was rated as the top candidate by both the RFP (Request for Proposal) scoring team and the larger evaluation community and was awarded a contract with UNM. See the LMS RFP Findings report for detailed information about the selection.

Yes, for more information please see our Training Opportunities page.

Yes! We have a few migration options available:

Build from scratch
Auto-migrated (bulk)
Individual course migration requests

With either migration process, some cleanup and rebuilding will be needed.

Please see our Migration Options page for more detailed information about each option, as well as our Migration Cleanup Checklist for items that will require some work post-migration. Some instructors may want to take the opportunity during this transition to start fresh and build courses directly in the new system to optimize their course with the tools Canvas has to offer.

In order to not overwhelm the system and resources, please do not make backups or archives of your UNM Learn courses for the purpose of migration at this time.

Click "Student View" in the top right hand corner. Keep in mind that Attendance, conferences, conversations inbox, collaborations, differentiated assignments, external apps, groups, peer reviews, and profiles do not work for the Test Student.

Not all courses are in Canvas. It must be scheduled as an Online, Hybrid, or an Accelerated Online Programs course to be added automatically. Otherwise you must Web-Enhance it in LoboWeb if you want to use Canvas.

The start date may not have passed or the course may not be published. Please review this page for more information.

Go to Courses > All Courses and click the star next to the courses you would like to have placed on your Dashboard. Once a single course has been Favorited, only Favorited courses wil appear on your Dashboard.

Users with the Teacher role can add TAs and Designers to their current and future Banner and Temp courses to meet a UNM business need through the +People tool. Visit Managing Course Assistants for instructions.

It will depend on which External App/Tool you are trying to add to your course. Please click on the name of the tool on our External Apps page for our documentation on the subject.

Although courses can no longer be taught in Blackboard after Spring 2022, instructors will have limited access for reference purposes to Blackboard until Summer 2023. More details will follow on this limited access license.