What are they?
Your instructor may use a tool called Assignments as a place to upload a file (e.g. a Word doc), submit text or embed a video. You might access assignments from a link in the left-hand Course Menu. Or your instructor might incorporate assignments into each week's module.  Assignments may include submission of a paper, PDF, PowerPoint, the uploading of a video response or images, etc., which will be only available for your instructor to view.

Transcript for Student Assignments Overview

Helpful Assignment Links


Format Your Work - The Rich Content Editor

The Rich Content Editor lets you format text, attach web links or files, add images or embed video. It is available in the Assignment tool when you choose “Submission type: Text” or when posting to a discussion board. To enter text, click inside the box and type. Or copy and paste. Note: it also allows you to embed media files (see Video Submissions).


Transcript for Rich Content Editor (RCE)

Helpful Rich Content Editor Links

PRO TIP: In order to avoid problems submitting an assignment, do not wait until the last minute. Technical issues may occur and cause your submission to not go through and be marked as "Late".

When submitting a file, you will see a progress bar. When the upload is finished the screen will refresh and display a preview of your work along with the date and time it was complete. If you have any concerns, contact your instructor immediately. 


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