How to get training 

To help make the transition to Canvas as easy and convenient as possible, UNM instructors have full access to Instructure’s robust training portal. This means there are lots of choices for when and how to explore everything Canvas offers. Instructors can learn at their own pace via asynchronous programs and courses, and can register for and attend live trainings (webinars) as well.

In addition to the trainings provided through the Canvas Training Portal, local training is also available. The UNM Center for Digital Learning is offering Bridge to Canvas Workshops – week-long asynchronous online courses designed to help instructors locate, create and manipulate content in Canvas. The workshop includes one optional synchronous meeting held on Mondays, which will be recorded for participants who cannot attend. Registration required. They are also offering virtual drop-in Open Labs as a forum for questions about teaching with Canvas.

To apply what you have learned, use your sandbox course to explore and hone your new Canvas skills. Note: this initial sandbox course has a small file storage quota and is not intended for course building. When you are ready to start creating your course, if your actual Banner course is not available, you can request a Temp course.

Important things to know before accessing the Canvas Training Portal 

Before you begin, we want you to know that there can be some differences between our instance of Canvas and what you may see in the trainings.

  • Some tools or features discussed in Canvas trainings (e.g., Turnitin, Office365, Google) are not available in our instance. We plan to evaluate the Office365 tool in a later phase of the project; however, our first priority is to evaluate and implement integrations currently operating in UNM Learn for use in Canvas. As we add functionality, we will update the External Apps page.
  • Not all Canvas trainings will be relevant to your role and the permissions configured on our system. There are some trainings mixed in with Instructor trainings, such as topics around SIS integration, Terms, etc., that are just for admin roles in our system. There are also materials geared more towards K-12 instructors.
  • Some functionality, such as editing course dates and titles, cross-listing, etc., work differently at UNM based on our integration with Banner and other UNM business practices and policies.


Accessing the Canvas Training Portal

1. To get started, log into

2. From the Global Navigation bar along the left, click Help > Training Services Portal.
Note: If you do not see this option, please fill out and submit the Sandbox Request form to help us update your role in Canvas.

3. Click Authorize.


Recommended Trainings

The Training Services Portal is organized by sections. Live Trainings, Programs and Courses.

Live Trainings

A couple of things to know:
• The calendar used to register for webinars displays MDT (Denver time), but the email reminders are in ET (New York time).
• To attend live trainings, you must go to and log in before clicking the Zoom link in your email reminder.

If you are looking for a place to start, try some of the sessions listed below.  Note: For quiz/assessments trainings, Canvas is in the process of rolling out a new Quiz tool, New Quizzes, to replace Classic Quizzes. For more information, see our Transition to New Quizzes page.

Content Pages
Home Pages
Classic Quizzes: Quiz Basics
Classic Quizzes: Managing Quizzes
New Quizzes: Creating Assessments with New Quizzes
New Quizzes: Managing Assessments with New Quizzes
Gradebook and SpeedGrader

Course Communication Tools
Course Design Considerations
Canvas for Performance-Based Teaching


Higher Ed Programs - Instructors and Support Staff 

We recommend "Higher Education: First Day Ready" for an introduction to all the essential features of Canvas. It is self-paced and offers videos on the basic tools and processes you will need to be successful. The program consists of several ”steps” that cover how to:

    • Customize your Account Notifications
    • Personalize your Canvas Dashboard and Course List
    • Use the Calendar, Announcements and Conversations
    • Set up a course with a Homepage and Modules
    • Customize Course Navigation
    • Use Student View
    • Create Assignments, Discussions and Quizzes
    • Use the Gradebook and provide feedback


From the Learning Library landing page, scroll down to Higher Education Programs > View All.