Temp Courses

What is a Temp Course? 

The purpose of a Temp (temporary) Course is for developing a specific course you plan to teach in the future, but do not have access to yet in Canvas. Temp Courses are named after the term you plan to teach that course (e.g., Temp Fall 2022 – LAW-593-A). Temp Courses cannot have students enrolled. They are strictly for developing content to later be copied into your real course from Banner once it’s in Canvas. Temp Courses will close on the first day of the following semester. So for example, Fall 2022 Temp courses will close on 1/16/23 (the first day of the Spring 2023 term). At that point, they’ll move to ‘Past Enrollments’ on your All Courses page and become Read Only, but they can still be copied. Temp courses from older terms may eventually be removed from the system, but that will be announced in advance. 

Note: As mentioned above, students will never have access to a Temp course, so once you have access to the real Banner course in Canvas you will need to copy/import the content from your Temp course to the Banner course.

When would I need a Temp Course? 

There are two instances for which you would request a Temp Course. 

1) To start developing a course you do not have access to in the Canvas LMS yet  

Temp Courses are development courses that can be used when you need to start building your course before it is in Canvas. We normally turn on the integration sync between the Banner SIS and the Canvas LMS on a term basis. Summer and Fall courses will start appearing in Canvas in mid-April. Spring courses will start appearing in Canvas in mid-November. If you need to start developing for a future term that has not yet been synced or need to start developing a course that you are not yet assigned to, you can request a Temp Course to begin development. Once your Banner course is available, you can then copy the Temp Course into it.  

2) To copy your migrated Learn course into a Temp Course for migration cleanup and course development 

You will not be able to do any clean up or revisions in migrated Learn courses within Canvas as they are in a read-only state; instead, you can copy the migrated course into a Temp Course (especially if your Banner course is not yet available) and do your migration cleanup and course development for Canvas there. You will need to request Temp Courses if you'd like to work on any auto-migrated Learn courses from the Summer 2021, Fall 2021, and Spring 2022 terms. For courses from other terms, those are migrated by request and will automatically include the option to request a Temp Course for development purposes when the migration request is processed. Additional documentation about this process, including Migration Options and a migration checklist (link), is available if you’d like to learn more. 

How do I request a Temp Course?

If you are an instructor, TA/GA, or instructional course designer, you can request a Temp Course using the button below. Please review all the information on the form. You will be asked for the term you plan to teach the course in and the course's subject and course number (e.g. LAW-593).