External Apps

External Apps is an area in Canvas where you can select which external third-party tools you'd like to integrate within your course. Another name for these is Integrations.

IMPORTANT - No Request Process for new External Apps at this time

During Canvas Implementation, we will be focusing on integrating external tools that are already in use in UNM Learn and have been identified as a continued need in UNM Canvas. Each tool requires time to coordinate with the vendor, research, configure, test, document, etc. These are all steps taking place at the same time as other Canvas implementation tasks. The table below will track which integrations have been completed and which are next in the queue. We appreciate your patience as we work through these steps to ensure that you and your students have a quality and consistent experience with Canvas integrations.

Any tools listed below that connect to external, third-party services have been vetted and approved by UNM’s Information Security & Privacy Office to ensure student data is protected. The tools with a status of Completed are ready for use. Please be aware that certain tools require coordination with the Bookstore or another department on campus in order for them to work. Some tools have already been installed in every Canvas course, whereas others must be enabled through the Settings > Navigation tab in your course. Information about licensure, any coordination needed, and links to documentation are included below.

Currently Available Integrations

StatusToolTool NameLicense TypeCost TypeComments
Completedally-logo.pngAllyInstitutionEnterpriseContent accessibility tool.
Completedbanner-integration.pngBanner IntegrationIntegration between the Banner SIS and UNM Canvas that pulls over users, courses, and enrollments.
Completedcengage.pngCengageInstitutionStudent Fees
Completedss_search_icons_iclicker-300x300-1.pngiClickerInstitutionStudent FeesStudent response system.
Completedkalturalogo_updatedpng.pngKalturaInstitutionEnterpriseMedia solution available for all classes. Please do not upload media files inside of Canvas as it is not a media server. Use Kaltura instead.
Completedlibguides.pngLibGuidesInstitutionEnterpriseSubject, course, and topic guides created and curated by UNM librarians. Faculty may integrate them into courses.
Completedaleks.pngMcGraw-Hill ALEKSInstitutionStudent FeesAvailable to courses using the UNM Bookstore's Inclusive Access program
Completed609511bc53a8bf00040ff36c.pngMcGraw-Hill ConnectInstitutionStudent FeesAvailable to courses using the UNM Bookstore's Inclusive Access program
Completedazure.pngMicrosoft Azure AuthenticationInstitutionEnterprisePart of core functionality; Authentication method for Canvas and other services at UNM.
Completedssonew.pngMyUNM linkNoneNone
Completedwwnorton-logo-freelogovectors.net_.pngNortonInstitutionStudent FeesAvailable to courses using the UNM Bookstore's Inclusive Access program
Completedpearson-logo-2016-640x480.pngPearson MyLab/MasteringInstitutionStudent FeesAvailable to courses using the UNM Bookstore's Inclusive Access program
Completedpearson-logo-2016-640x480.pngPearson RevelInstitutionStudent FeesAvailable to courses using the UNM Bookstore's Inclusive Access program
Completedredirect.pngRedirectCanvasFreeBuilt-in function available in all Canvas courses; used to make new weblinks in the course menu. This should be used sparingly as the recommendation for good course design is to keep the menu simple.
Completedredshelf.pngRedShelfInstitutionStudent FeesUsed to collect opt-outs for Inclusive Access products and to provide access codes or provision users for IA course materials.

Available to courses using the UNM Bookstore's Inclusive Access program 
Completedlogo-respondus.pngRespondus 4.0InstitutionEnterpriseQuiz creation tool.
Completedrespdondusldb.jpgRespondus Lockdown Browser & MonitorInstitutionEnterpriseVirtual exam integrity tools.
Completedgroup.pngSection Groups/CrosslistingNoneNoneProcess used to group multiple sections into a single parent course.
Completedzoom-logo-500x281.pngZoomInstitutionEnterpriseWeb-Conferencing solution available for all classes.

Integrations In Progress, Not Started, Under Review, or Not Approved

StatusToolTool NameLicense TypeCost TypeComments
In Progressturnitin-similarity-logoTurnitin SimilarityInstitutionEnterprisePlagiarism Detection Tool
Not Approvedtceslmkdwew40447whx9.pngExamSoftDepartmentalDepartmentalDirect integration not approved due to security issue. External process developed to compensate.
Under Reviewces-watermark-logoCES Watermark (formerly EvaluationKIT)InstitutionEnterpriseOnline course evaluation system that collects student feedback and delivers reports for instructors and administrators.
Under Reviewadd-users.pngManage Course AssistantsNoneNoneBeing developed from scratch as the built-in Canvas option has FERPA concerns. In the meantime, please use the Course Assistant Request Form.