Affirmed/Preferred Name and Pronouns

Affirmed/Preferred Name in UNM Canvas

University of New Mexico students can choose the first name they prefer to have appear on their LoboCard ID, and in a few other select UNM systems/services. For information on how to update your affirmed/preferred name, see FastInfo 7683.  The campus-wide project is still underway and a list of current systems using affirmed/preferred name can be found on the Office of Equal Opportunity site.

Once a person updates their preferred name in LoboWeb, it should come over to UNM Canvas within 5-10 minutes. If it has been more than 24 hours, please contact UNM Canvas Support.

Some external tools within UNM Learn, such as RedShelf, Kaltura, etc. may require additional action. If your course is using one of these tools within UNM Canvas and you do not see your name updated within 24 hours, please contact UNM Canvas Support.

Affirmed/Preferred name is different than the Display First Name you can choose in the UNM Directory and Demographic Self-Service (DSS) system. If you choose a display name in DSS, it will not show up in Canvas. Canvas uses the the legal first name or the affirmed/preferred name in LoboWeb (for people that set one up there).

Pronouns in UNM Canvas

Users have the ability to select personal pronouns inside of CanvasNote: Currently, personal pronouns do not sync with the Banner/LoboWeb but the pronoun choices in Canvas will match with available options in LoboWeb.