Sample Syllabus Statement

We would like to emphasize that, while the primary purpose of Turnitin Similarity is to promote academic integrity, it is also beneficial in supporting the creation of original works, and helps students learn to responsibly use and cite the works of others. We recommend adding some language to your syllabus if you plan to use Turnitin Similarity to promote this emphasis and to inform students that the tool is being used. Feel free to use the following paragraph in its entirety or adapt it to suit your needs.

Turnitin Similarity in UNM Canvas will be used to generate Similarity Reports for writing assignments in this course. By comparing your writing to a database of periodicals, books, online articles, student papers, and other published work, Turnitin generates a report that can assist you in determining when you are creating original work and properly citing sources. Submitted papers can and may be indexed in the institutional database for the purpose of detecting plagiarism of such papers.