Kaltura – Embed Video in Pages, Announcements, Assignments, or Discussions

Videos uploaded to or created with Kaltura tools can be added to many items in Canvas including: Pages, Announcements, Assignments, Quizzes or Discussions. Typically, anywhere Canvas shows the Rich Content Editor (RCE), a video from Kaltura can be added.

  1. Go to the Canvas item you wish to add a piece of media to.

Note: If this is an existing item, click Edit to access Canvas’ Rich Content Editor.

  1. Click Embed Kaltura Media from the Rich Content Editor’s (RCE) toolbar.


  1. Find piece of media from My Media, the course’s Media Gallery, or a Media Gallery playlist.

Note: You may not have any content in the course’s Media Gallery or have a playlist to select. See Publish Videos to a Course Media Gallery for additional information.

  1. (Optional) Select the Embed Settings gear to select the size, start and end times, and playback behavior.
  2. Click Embed.


Your selected media should be added to content editor available for preview.


  1. Click Save or Save & Publish.




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