Cengage helps higher education instructors, learners and institutions thrive with course materials built around their needs.

The Cengage integration includes but is not limited to the following tools. For more information, please see our relevant documentation below.

MindTap - A flexible online learning platform that includes both readings and learning activities for supported Cengage textbooks.

WebAssign - WebAssign is an online learning platform designed to support student learning in math and science courses. It includes readings and algorithmically graded learning activities for supported textbooks. Instructors can also create their own activities.

CengageInfuse - Cengage Infuse integrates supported Cengage eBooks and learning activities directly into the learning management system (LMS).

CengageNOW - an online learning platform for supported Cengage accounting textbooks that includes readings, learning activities, quizzes, and diagnostic Personalized Study Plan functionality.

eBook - Cengage eBook-only courses provide eBook access to students without online learning activities or courseware.



Relevant Documentation (Students):

How to access your Cengage Materials
How to view your Grades
Student Support