How to Sign Up for TRUE+WAY ASL What's the Sign?


Note: If you don't see the Sign Up assignment below, please contact your instructor to see if they are using TRUE+WAY ASL for your course.

1. From inside your Canvas course, on the Home or Modules page, click the Sign Up assignment.


2. Click the Load Sign Up in a new window button.


3. Check the box to agree to their terms of use and privacy policies (if you do agree to them). Then click the Make Payment button and fill out the payment information.


4. You will get a confirmation message that the textbook is unlocked.


5. This will unlock the first module and also give you access to the What's the Sign? tool.

6. Clicking What's the Sign? in the course menu will display the search bar where you can type in a word or a specific unit (e.g., "Unit 3.1") for a list of signs. Click on the result to watch the video(s).