Getting Started - the Respondus Lockdown Browser Dashboard

Click LockDown Browser in your Course Menu to access the Respondus LockDown Browser Dashboard. Note: if you want to walk through the entire process, you will need to have an existing test or create one.

The Respondus LockDown Browser Dashboard will open. Click the Getting Started tab.

IMPORTANT: When setting up Respondus Lockdown Browser, don't forget to provide your students the institution-specific download link for Respondus LDB.

We strongly recommend the workflow listed on the "Getting Started" tab.

1. "Watch the Videos + set up your exams" We encourage you to watch the tutorials to help you understand how the tools work.

2. "Add information to your Syllabus and Course Description"
This section has the critical link you must provide to students so they can download the correct version of Respondus LockDown Browser. Each institution has its own link, so make sure students download Respondus LockDown Browser from this link only, and not from an internet search. You will need to add this link to your course.

This area also provides support materials for your students: a video that may be helpful for them to watch, and language you can add somewhere in your syllabus and/or course. It includes important guidelines students will need to successfully complete a Respondus exam.

Note: The language will change based on whether you choose LockDown Browser or also want to add Monitor.


list of available respondus ldb settings


The Practice Quiz

We strongly recommend you create a low-stakes practice quiz that your students are required to take. This will give them the opportunity to use the Respondus LockDown browser application/see how the process works, test their equipment (e.g. webcam), network connection, etc. prior to taking a high-stakes test. Urge them to use the same computer, location, and network they will use for any future tests in your course.

When you are ready, click Continue to LockDown Browser.