How do I opt out of Inclusive Access?

Prior to the Add/Drop Deadline for your course (see the How to Determine Your Course's Add Drop Deadline section below for determining your course’s deadline), you may opt out of your inclusive access material. “Opt Out” means you remain registered in the course, but you choose to either get by without course materials, or you obtain your materials in some other fashion. Opt out decisions can be made, and can be reversed, until 11:59pm on the day of the deadline.

NOTE: For questions about billing and opting-out please email Please provide your name, student ID number and your course information (department, course number, section number) as well as an explanation of your situation or question.

Steps to Opt Out

1. From inside your course click RedShelf Course Materials.



2. Click Opt Out.



3. Click Continue to Opt Out.



4. Type the word "OPTOUT" and then click  Opt Out.



5. Choose your reason for opting out from the dropdown menu and then click Submit.



6. You are now opted out. If you would like to opt back in click Opt In.



7. And then click Opt In again.



How to Determine Your Course's Add/Drop Deadline:

The Add/Drop deadline equals the “Last day to DROP without ‘W’ grade and 100% tuition refund on LoboWeb” according to the UNM Registrar’s office. To find the specific date each semester, visit the Office of the Registrar website, click on “Semester Deadline Dates” in the left margin, then select your term. Look for the date corresponding to the label “Last day to DROP without ‘W’ grade and 100% tuition refund on LoboWeb”.