Kaltura – Embed Video in Discussions

In Canvas, video content can be added to any discussion post using the rich content editor and the Kaltura Embed Media button. While you can upload video or create Express Capture recordings from within the discussion post itself, it may be easier to create and/or upload videos to My Media before attempting to add them to your post. See Upload Media, Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder, or Express Capture Recorder for detailed instructions on creating or uploading video.

To embed a video into a discussion post in Canvas:

  1. Go to your course’s Discussion tool.
  2. Find the discussion post you wish to reply to. Click Reply.
  3. Once the text editor is open, add any text to include with your post and click Embed Kaltura Media.


  1. In the Embed Kaltura Media window, click Embed to the right of the video you wish to include in your post.


  1. Canvas will embed your video to the preview for your post.
  2. Click Post Reply.



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