Instructor Overview

Be sure students are using the latest version.

There are known issues with older versions of LockDown Browser, so be sure students update to the latest version. See How to update Respondus LockDown Browser.

The Chromebook version of Respondus Lockdown Browser has a few known issues. Please review this page when using this tool in your course.


When students launch Respondus LockDown Browser to take an exam, they are presented with the UNM Canvas login page. They then authenticate, navigate to their course and to the exam as normal, and begin. Depending on the settings you select, students may be required to use a webcam to record themselves during an exam. A "startup sequence" guides them through the requirements you have selected, such as showing identification or making a short video of the exam environment.

When exams have ‘Require Respondus Monitor for this exam’ enabled, the recorded sessions are machine-analyzed for facial detection, motion, and lighting to analyze the student and examination environment. The system also uses data from the computing device (keyboard activity, mouse movements, hardware changes, etc.) to identify patterns and anomalies associated with cheating. Finally, the student's interaction with the exam instrument itself is woven into the analysis, including question-by-question comparisons with other students who took the same exam.

When you review exams, you will see proctoring results ranked according to the risk that exam violations have occurred, providing meaningful results that help you know whether an exam session warrants deeper scrutiny. If desired, you can also can view the data contributing to the result on a video timeline, such as flagged events and key milestones.

Respondus LockDown Browser is a free app your students need to download to their laptop or computer. For computers, the link is institution-specific. Let students know to use:


Note: The URL is included on the student page, which we recommend you add to your course: Using Respondus LockDown Browser.


Technical Requirements for Students

  • Note: as of 3/23/2021, your students must have two devices to support Multi-Factor Authentication, e.g., a registered cell phone or access to separate computer to be able to receive the log in authorization code while the desktop on their primary device is locked by Respondus LockDown Browser.
  • Students must have a supported operating system.
  • Students must be able to log into their machines as an administrator:
  • For Windows /PC to install, update, and run LockDown Browser.
  • For Mac to install and update. LockDown Browser can then be run as any type of user.


Additional device requirements/restrictions

  • Respondus LockDown Browser does NOT work on mobile devices, except iPads (This is up to your discretion. IF you choose to enable the setting and allow students to take tests on an iPad, they need to go to the App store to download and install Respondus LockDown Browser.)
  • If you require video monitoring, students will need a webcam.
  • Students must have a reliable and stable Internet connection.

Per the Provost’s office, you must ask your students as soon as possible whether they can access the equipment necessary to use Respondus. If a student cannot access the equipment necessary to meet the technical requirements for Respondus, you must offer an alternative assessment.


Important Notes

  • Students must use the LockDown Browser to review test results afterwards.
  • Only users in the Teacher and TA role can access the Respondus LockDown Browser Dashboard.
  • Respondus LockDown Browser is required in order to use Respondus Monitor.
  • Regarding actual test content, LockDown Browser does NOT work with test questions that contain Flash media.
  • Give a practice test.

The Provost’s Office has specifically requested that you give a practice test, e.g., a low-stakes test that your students are required to take. A practice test will give your students the opportunity to install and use the Respondus LockDown browser, see how the process works, test their equipment (e.g., webcam), network connection, etc. prior to taking a high-stakes test. This gives both you and your students time to troubleshoot in advance.

  • How to test video monitoring: as an instructor, you can download the Respondus LockDown Browser and take the test using the “Student View” in Canvas. However, no video record will be generated or uploaded to the Respondus Dashboard Class Results area. To test video monitoring, you can use the practice test you set up in your course and view video results after your students have taken the practice test.
  • You must open the Respondus LockDown Browser Dashboard at least once after performing a course copy. This will automatically re-enable the Respondus LockDown Browser settings for selected Classic Quizzes. However, Respondus LockDown Browser settings for New Quizzes do not carry over. Those have settings have to be rebuilt after performing a course copy.
  • You are able to use the Student View to test a Respondus LDB enabled Classic Quiz but you won't be able to do that for New Quizzes.