Creating Appointment Times for Students

If you have not already done so, make the Zoom Meetings tool visible in your course navigation. Note: this must be done for each course where you wish to use the tool. 

By using the Appointments feature in the Zoom integration with Canvas, instructors can establish designated time slots that students can reserve to schedule one-on-one Zoom meetings automatically. This approach can enhance the flexibility and ease of scheduling individualized Zoom meetings or office hours for both instructors and students. However, it is not recommended to use the Appointments feature for course meetings that involve multiple students.

To get started,

1. Click the Zoom Meetings tool from your course navigation.


2. The tool should automatically launch with your UNM Zoom account. Note: If you are receiving an error when launching, please refer to Troubleshooting & FAQ for a resolution.

3. Click on the Appointments menu item. 

Appointments is to the right of Home.

4. Click + Create Schedule.

Below Bookable Schedules, My Schedules, is the plus Create Schedule button.

5. Select a day or multiple days of the week.

Under Select Days, left to right, starting with Sunday.  Click to choose desired days.

If you select multiple days, you can choose to either use the same start and end times for each selected day or adjust the available times for each of your selected days individually.

6. Select start and end times from the drop-down menus.

To create another range of available times for a given day, click the + icon and repeat step 6.

7.  Select how long to repeat this availability (e.g. last day of class).

8. Select the duration of the individual meetings using the drop-down menu.

9. Give your event a name (e.g. Office Hours). 

10. (Optional) Provide any relevant details you wish to share with students about this event.

11. Click Create.

Once you have created a schedule, your students can book and create meetings in your available time slots <LINK to other doc for students> on a first come, first served basis. Please note this availability only applies to the course it was created in, and any overlapping schedules created in other courses can cause conflicts. Zoom meetings created in your available time slots will use a waiting room and/or authentication depending on your UNM Zoom account’s settings.


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